Friday, January 18, 2008

Blowin' up Denver in 2008

A speeding vehicle drivers view of an atomic bomb blowing up behind Denver Colorado. A concept high definition 24 fps 1280 by 500 2.56:1 aspect ratio flash loop motion animation graphic based on
Greg Bear's EON novel.

Realtime playback will start once each frame loads... Approximately 7.8 megs.
corelDRAW, Lightwave, Photoshop, Aftereffects, Premiere and Flash

This is a 35 mm shot from my Pentax Z-X5 SLR camera with AGFA RSX-2 50 speed slide film developed as a panoramic on Kodak paper and scanned in at 800 dots per inch. I separated the fore, mid and background elements in Photoshop, clone stamped the power lines off of the buildings and comped the whole scene in Aftereffects.

Here are 2 stills from the animated loop showing the focus being pulled from the foreground to the background elements. I used a long lens (from about 100mm to 600mm -800mm [or equivalent in scale]) in Aftereffects with a big f-stop (around 2.5 or so) to achieve the heavy depth of field. I wanted to make the shots for EON look like large model sets as opposed to realistic full scale scenes. I used a shutter angle of 80 to tame the motion blur a little bit.

Keywords: high definition hd 24p flash loop graphic concept animation animated animatic photography zoom f-stop depth of field keyframed camera zoom pan blur atomic hydrogen bomb nuclear attack from downtown Denver on Aurora Colorado as seen scene from i-25 southbound highway freeway qwest building high hd definition flash loop with sound coors field lofts 24 twenty four frames per second render